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99 Deaths Of The Ninja 99 Deaths Of The Ninja

Rated 1 / 5 stars

So, I played the game through at first, playing tactically and trying to lose as many lives as possible, as is the goal of the game, but then I got to the dragon and lost all of the lives automatically anyway... The game ended up taking me just over 2 minutes to win the second time through, 'cause I just ran through everything, not really giving a shit if I gained or lost lives.
+ Interesting idea
- No point in playing properly
- Background is dull and art style comes across more as lazy than stylised
- Advertising that site like crazy, not nice!
- Not much variety after losing the first 10 lives

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Hollow. Hollow.

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's an immensely fun game, but there are some definite things that could be improved upon. Firstly, I think the reason people are complaining saying that the jump only works half the time is because there's no leeway letting you jump past the edge, which in a game like this is pretty important. Secondly, the collision with those mouth enemies is so annoying, I was eaten so many times when I was pretty sure I shouldn't have been.
But the worst thing, by far, was the random avalanche system. On what I think was the last level (I'm not sure, my browser crashed and I didn't realise it didn't autosave), the amount of times I ended up getting screwed over because it decided to randomly drop giant boulders on the platform I was standing on or jumping to was insane. The one time I almost made it to the end was because an avalanche decided to only drop 3 small rocks that I easily avoided. On a game that's so based upon memorising a routine to make it through the levels, the randomness of that really kills the flow of it.
But aside from those, it was a very fun game, challenging and a little frustrating, but not too frustrating to make me rage quit. Almost. That avalanche stuff really is a bitch.